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Dear Family, Friends, and Neighbors

I am happy to announce that I have decided to run for the 288th Civil District Court. My decision to run is not out of a whim or to seek a title, but because I sincerely believe that we are all called to serve in one way or another.  Over the past 11 years of practicing law I have had the privilege of representing and providing legal advice to some less fortunate individuals of our society that are unable to afford legal representation.  The most satisfying days in my legal career have been when my clients have walked up to me not to say thank which would have been more than enough, but to say you saved my life today.

As I mentioned above, deciding to run was not a recent decision but a dream I have had since I was a little girl.  Since the age of eight I knew I would run for judge and serve my community in the most just and helpful way possible.  In seeking this position, I have prepared myself mentally and professionally. I look forward to representing you with a great sense of honor, responsibility, and respect through this position. I would like to ask you for your support and to join me in this journey between now and the primary elections in March as I campaign through our community and meet with our neighbors. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you along the way. I hope we can learn more about each other and work towards creating a plan that will help better our communities and our legal system.

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Community Outreach

2016 - Present
Edgewood ISD Back to School Fair

Through the partnership of Edgewood ISD, Give More Hugs, State Representative Justin Rodriguez, my firm and other generous donors we have been able to give over 2000 backpacks with school supplies to the students of the Edgewood community.

Veterans Outreach and Transition Center Advisory Committee

Through a partnership with the City of San Antonio City and St. Philip’s College one of the Alamo Colleges, the underutilized historic Good Samaritan Hospital building is being renovated to become the Veterans Outreach and Transition Center (VOTC). The Veterans Outreach and Transition Center at this location will serve veterans from the Eastside, Bexar County and surrounding communities. Once the building is renovated, St. Philip’s College will operate their Veterans Outreach and Transition Center, providing services to veterans and their families. The program will offer: Referral services for veterans and family members Veteran-specific orientations to ease the initial transition into college and /or the workforce Job support that will consist of job training Veterans and their dependents job placement services Transitional services that may be required for veterans and their family members Counseling to assist in integration to civilian life.

2011 - Present
Family to Family Outreach Process

It is a three phase process that is a systemic way for families and schools to create and sustain a healthy and supportive educational environment for the purpose of the development and enhancement of all students. This process was designed by community activist, Mary Moreno, and Ms. Chapa has been working with her to introduce this process (designed to unify families for the purpose of supporting, empowering and building stronger relationships with each other and the community at large) to elected officials and to school districts throughout San Antonio.

Member of the Principal Selection Committee at Sul Ross Middle School

This committee was established to address the needs of the school in looking for a new principal. The committee discussed the campus, teachers and parents needs in regards to the role of the campus principal. The committee outlined the priorities of the school, teachers and parents so that the Principal Selection Committee would be able to hire a principal that met the needs of the campus as a whole.

2011 - Present
Member of the S.A.T. Committee at Sul Ross Middle School

This committee meets quarterly to go over staff development requirements and plans to assure that the plan is successful in implementing the School improvement plan, the committee reviews budget concern, discuss attendance issues, community involvement on and off campus and improvement of the school as a whole.

2009 - Present
Families Helping Family

It is estimated that over 30,000 children in San Antonio are being raised by their grandparents or other family members. It is through the efforts of relative caregivers that our children find a warm, loving home where family bonds remain strong and intact. Ms. Chapa has worked with State Representative Castro, Mary Moreno and other organizations to organize an annual Families Helping Family event that brings relative caregivers together to develop legislation as well as to address the concerns they are facing whether medically, legally, educationally or emotionally.

2007 - 2012
Profiles in Change Dinner

Ms. Chapa has organized the annual District 125 Profiles in Change Dinner since December of 2007. This program was established to honor the members of the city that went above and beyond to make lasting contributions to the community.

2004 - 2012
Health and Resource Fair

Ms. Chapa has collaborated for 8 years with State Representative Castro, Sul Ross Middle School and other elected officials to organize an annual District 125 Health and Resource Fair. This is a successful event for San Antonio community. Individuals of all ages are provided with an opportunity to learn about a variety of programs and opportunities offered throughout the year. The hope is that as individuals walk around, they will be able to receive health screenings while learning about the city’s available opportunities and resources.

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Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio
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Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County
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