288th Civil District Court

This is a civil court and not a criminal court.  This court hears cases on breach of contract, personal injury, medical malpractice, child custody, divorce, adoptions, terminations and CPS cases.

288th Civil District Court covers all of Bexar County.  If you are registered to vote in Bexar County you can vote to help re-elect Judge Cynthia Marie Chapa in November.

Worked tirelessly to ensure Civil Courts remained open during the COVID Pandemic working countless hours to get Zoom Hearing up and running so that our community could still pursue justice.

Fought to secure funding for our first CPS court with a focus on Family Violence.  A much needed addition to our county.

Helped establish a first of its kind Family Violence Prevention Program for Civil Courts in Bexar County.

Started Bexar County’s 1st Groovy Giving Library in the 288th District Court Offices so children can visit and pick up a book to take home and begin their own personal book collection.

POL. AD. Paid for by Cynthia Marie Chapa for 288 Judicial District Court, Linda Hardberger, Treasurer